Life is a Beach!!

If you have visited before Greece then you know that the people of this country have an unhealthy obsession with the beaches and the sea. We are indeed blessed with sandy beaches near our urban city centers, but there are times that the tourists cant' actually access those beaches.

For example, I recently met a tourist from Brasil and he told me that he chose Thessaloniki because, the city is located near beautiful beaches, but didn't know how to to go there. Indeed Thessaloniki is close to Chalkidiki peninsula an area famous for it's beautiful long, sandy beaches...But it is not always easy to access Chalkidiki from Thessaloniki while traveling alone. But don't worry, that's exactly why I am doing this post.

So how to visit a beach from Thessaloniki?  There are quite few ways, first of all you need to decide what kind of beach you want to visit. Do you want to visit the nearest beach, the nearest beach of Chalkidiki or the most beautiful remote beach of Chalkidiki?

If you want the last choice, then the only thing you need is a Map, a credit card to rent a Car. In my opinion, this is the best way to visit Chalkidiki while staying in Thessaloniki. Rent A car and make your own schedule. See peace of cake.

Now for those who can't drive they will have to settle with closer beaches to Thessaloniki.
If you are visiting during the Summer don't worry we are here for you. Tsakiris Travel will have everyday bathing excursions to a near Beach. How it works? Just call us or send as an email and we will reserve a seat for you in our bus, we will pick you up, take you to the nearest beach of  Chalkidiki and then bring you back. This an excellent half day trip to the beach from Thessaloniki. These trips are actually made for the locals who can't go or afford beach holidays, but don't worry you can also participate as the main goal of the trip is a lazy evening next to an organised beach. Our trips are daily from Monday to Saturday and in Sundays we visit a more beautiful beach with one day excursions from Thessaloniki to either in Chalkidki or in Olympic Riviera (Katerini). 

Should you want to visit the nearest beach of Chalkidiki on your own then you can do it by taking Bus Nr.45 and got to the Bust Station KTEL of Chalkidiki, be prepared the Nr. 45 Line is not always in time and it passes every 25 minutes. Be carefull to take the corect bus to Chalkidiki KTEL cause you might end up in the Bus Station KTEL Macedonia ...I have actually met a Russian tourist who did that and he had to travel 1 hour extra inside the city. After you reach Chalkidiki's KTEL you will decide where to go. The nearest beach (but not necessarily the best) is in Kalikratia. Kalikratia's beach is not the most beautiful in the world but is located in a nice tourist village and you can bathe, eat, have some cocktails and the bus services are very often, plus it's only 20 minutes away. Right before Kalikratia there is a beautiful sandy beach called Sahara Beach, there you can find a massive beach bar with 1000 umbrellas that you can visit. the waters there are shallow making it ideal for families.

The Sahara Beach Resort offers some umbrellas for free but usually you have to buy a drink or coffee to have an sunbed. The problem is that in order to visit that beach you have to take the Bus to Heraklia which only passes 3 times a day and then you have to take off at Ag. Paraskevi stop (in the middle of nowhere) and walk to the beach (around 800 metres). But now that I think about it, there might be some changes in the schedule, you have to check it out with the KTEL. Should you decide to go there send me an e-mail, and maybe if I  am free I can meet you as my summer house is close by...Right you don't know my email...

Yeah... The Sustainable tourism development 
principles where ignored in this one.

Anyway..if you don't' want all that trouble, then you can visit the area of  Epanomi, Michanionia, Neoi Epivates, Peraia etc. Those are the closest beaches of Thessaloniki. You can reach those areas by taking a Bus to IKEA bus station and from then to take the buses 69 to Epanomi, and 72 to Michaniona, then ask the driver to help you . But why bother taking the bus when you can actually go by boat? 

Introducing for a second year the boat services to the nearest beaches. Thessaloniki waterways is a company who organises boat trips to the closest beaches. So there you go. I gave you the solution. The easiest way to go to a near beach of Chalkidiki is by participating to our half day beach trips. The easiest way to go to the nearest beach of Thessaloniki is by a boat trip. Book your ticket and hop on the boat that will take you from the centre of Thessaloniki to a nearest beach. This way you combine a small cruise and an excursion.  But be warned this method of travelling is very popular and during the weekends the boats are crowded. No dangerously crowded but just crowded.

Actually...the roads between Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki on weekend are very, Very, VERY ..did I say very? VERY BUSY. In my opinion is better to stay in the city during weekends and visit the beach areas during the weekdays.

Now if you are real lover of the sea and the beach life, I would  suggest you to skip visiting Thessaloniki and stay directly to Chalkidki. Our office has deep knowledge of the area and we can arrange the best holidays for you, plus you can always visit Thessaloniki for one day while you stay in Chalkidiki.

As for me, I really enjoy bathing in the Sea but the sun is my enemy that's why from times to times you will see me in summer nailing the lobster look...what can I's a natural charisma.

I hope I helped you...and don' forget if you are a big group you can always book one of our three buses and we will organise an unforgettable program for you. 

Don't forget the sunblock!!