Christmas Day trips from Thessaloniki

December is a very busy period for Thessaloniki. I like how people from all over the world gather in this city to celebrate together. People from different cultures and religions visit us to spend time with us and enjoy a warm hospitality in the hear of the winter. As we do every year, this December we have prepared day trips from Thessaloniki to near destinations. One day excursions that will bring the guests of Thessaloniki the opportunity to see and learn about other smaller cities but equally beautiful. Cities who have created a festive atmosphere with their local Christmas Markets! The first day trip from Thessaloniki will find us in Trikala. A small historical city in Thessalia, Trikala is the home of the "Mill of Elves", here in an old Mill Santa Clause decided to create a workshop. This is were all the toys get produced. Trikala on it's own has a long history, and is one of the few places that is build around a river. Join us on our Day trip to Trikala and

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