1 Day trip to the Mushroom Festival!!!


Since our stuff blog is still under construction I thought I would post some information on our activities this week. Autumn is already here and with the winter around the corner we decided to organize some interesting thematic excursion for the locals. So this weekend on the 19th of October we organise an interesting rural excursion to Larisa's village Sklithro and in their Mushroom festival.

So if you are visiting Thessaloniki the weekend of 18th and 19th of October we suggest you to join us in this new way of experiencing rural Greece and Northern Greece. In this excursion you can have the original experience of travelling with Greek people to a rural festival.

Isn't the purpose of tourism to foreign countries to mingle with locals and see the way they live and deal with daily life? What we offer is that exactly, the true tourism experience accompanied with local people of Thessaloniki and the locals of Sklithro village in Larisa.

Mushroom pie 

We start from Thessaloniki in the morning of 19th of October to Sklithro village where the 6th Festival of Mushroom is taking place. The schedule of the festivities include a walk in the forest where you can collect Mushrooms, if you don't have knife and a basket we will provide you one. Then the festivities continue with the identification of the collected mushrooms. An introduction to "Mushroom Knowledge in Greece" by the Author George Konstanides and the festivities will continue with Mushroom cooking and local flavors. 

Stuffed mushrooms with feta cheese, tomatoes, oregon and olives.

The Chef Vasiles Panagoules and the trainees in cooking School of OAED will cook for the Festival guests mushroom recipes while the Chef Christos Plessiotis will introduce us to a new innovative way of cooking mushrooms with pasta.

So if you like to experience a typical Greek excursion and mingle with the locals, away from the usual touristic sites and activities you can contact our office to make a reservation.

The cost of this daily excursion is 15 € per person
and 2 € entrance fees to the festival.

Join and experience the land of Northern Greece. 

Let's have a real Travel experience!

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