Another Week another day!!!

Hello! This is Lisa

We left Philoxenia behind us with mixed feelings. We don't know if it was a successful exhibition or not but we did found our partners and met our fellow agents there, so from our side we are well.

Another week in the office has started finding us busy. This Saturday we will visit in our daily excursion from Thessaloniki Piperia Aridaias a small village which they are celebrating their Tsipouro Production. For yet another year those warm people of Airidaia area are inviting us to celebrate the new production of Tsipouro together. Did you know that Tsipouro is a local distiles spirit like put it in simple words...
Actually is stronger than Ouzo and is widely consumed in Northern Greece. Back in the old days almost every family produced their own version but now we leave the production to the experts.

In our Trip to Aridaia we will visit also the thermal area of Mpozar. A small village which became popular thanks to their thermal waters and thermal baths. Of course you shouldn't expect the types of baths they had in ancient Rome or the modern baths of Japan. This is Greece, things don't work this way. You can find there public baths and some private ones, but I personally love bathing in the small, shallow pool next to the river right under the waterfalls.

In the same manner we will make a daily excursion from Thessaloniki to Kozani area in the village of Vlasti where there they are celebrating a more carnivore custom. They name their festivities "Gourounochara' which literally it translates to ...Pig fun...I don't understand why the Pigs are happy cause it is a festival where they serve pork meat and alcohol. What impress me the most in this festival is that the hosts in Vlasti Kozani are very outgoing people and they organise a lot of festivities during the year. Even now in November where the weather is not an ally at all. You see Vlasti is a village in the mountains so the cold is stronger and sometimes the festivals takes place during snowfall. That is exactly what impress me that those people have fun and dance and celebrating without minding the cold weather, the rain or the snow. ( I think that I am just too excited for this trip)

Daily Excursion / trip from Thessaloniki to Tsipouro Fest in Piperia Aridaias is on Sunday 23 of November it costs 10 Euro per person and we depart from Aristotelous Square.

Our daily Excursion / trip from Thessaloniki to "Gouronochara" Vlasti Kozanis is on Snday 7 of December it costs 15 Euro per person and we depart early in the morning. 

So if you are free this Sunday in Thessaloniki why not visit a rural place and mingle with Greeks who genuine and distant from the mass tourism effects. A true and genuine travel experience among the locals who are eager to show how warm and welcome is their country.

Come be our guests!

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