Spring is finally here

Hello from the finally sunny city of Thessaloniki.

Well spring is finally here and along with her the first tourists have arrived in our city. I was wondering if I have convinced anyone to visit our city through this site. Truth is due to our busy schedule I haven't make a very big promotion or updates to our blog. Anyway!!

Are you planing to visit Thessaloniki the following days?  Can I want me to suggest you some activities and one day excursions from Thessaloniki for May...to be honest I will suggest you our activities...

So if you are visiting Thessaloniki next week during May Day there are two things you can do, join the crowds in the city who will pay respect to all the previous workers who have been sacrificed for us to have working rights. Or you can participate with us in our One Day Excursion to Serres. A one day trip from Thessaloniki where leisure is our goal. Why you should join us? First of all our excursion will be full of noisy and kind locals. As I say that's the true touristic experience. Mingle with the locals and forget the barrier of language. Our guests probably will not speak
English but they will be happy to see tourists among them. So what do you say...do you want to join us for the 1st of May where we will visit Kerkini Lake in Serres and the beautiful forest area of Porroia. Participation is 12 € per person.

Now on the 9th of May we will be visiting our neighbours in F.Y.R.O.M and the city of Stromnitsa. So if you are willing to join us, you will get to see another city of Balkans. A small look in the Balkans, needless to say you will be experiencing the "I am going to shop till I drop" syndrome that all old ladies have when they visit a cheaper country. I know it cause I have one back home. So what do you say? Do you want to see how we interact with our neighbours?  15 € per person, we start in the morning and we are back in the evening.

Of course more one day excursions will be held every weekend. So if you are visiting Thessaloniki, send us an email and we will send you our one day trips from Thessaloniki or give you some suggestions on what to do. As of June we will have daily excursions to the nearest beaches where you can participate either on morning or evening trips and every Sunday daily excursions. Thought our main guests are locals and our trips haver more leisure character than cultural, I would suggest you to use them as an opportunity to relax and mingle with the real Greek people.

But don't worry, we are really good in organising highly professional holiday packages in fact if you are thinking to visit Northern Greece and to see on your own the Kingdome of Alexander the Great, we can introduce you to a highly experience partner of ours. Mr. Syder and his team in www.sydertravel.com who will be visiting us in June. Mr. Syder is based in the United Kingdom and
offers a diverse range of escorted cultural tours with an emphasis on history and appreciation of the natural and traditional aspect of each country visited. We feel honoured and happy that we will be joining forces to reveal to our guests all the secrets of our past and some of our more recent secrets. So why don't you join us!!

Thank you for visiting our blog, feel free to leave a comment or a question and I will be more than happy to answer them.

Sorry for this really personal tone of this post, but I am so excited that season has started and already so many tourists visit Thessaloniki.
Join the fun!!