Pride and Prejudice

So I will be borrowing Jane Austin's famous novel tittle to talk about being prejudiced against pride.

Indeed some people here in Thessaloniki are quite prejudiced against the Pride parade festivities but the truth is that this colourful parade brought a new breeze in Thessaloniki's air.

Since day on Thessaloniki's  Pride's festivities and the Parade brought new arrivals to our city. Little by little individual travellers came to our city to watch or participate in the festivities. Now the Thessaloniki Pride festival is celebrating it's fourth year and I look forward to interact with the cheerful crowd that is going to "take over" my city.

So if you are visiting Thessaloniki next week be sure to catch the Pride Parade and the parties that will take place all over the city. For more info click the poster below and see how can you participate with all the actions. Thessaloniki's taking place a week after Athen's if you didn't make it this year, maybe you combine a week holiday in the city centres of Greece. So why don't we organise it together? Grab some friends and let's make a different tour of Greece for next year.

So few days after the Thessaloniki Pride, the 5th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art starts starts. Starting from the 23rd of  June it will take place until the 30th of September. Well I didn't know that summer is the ideal time for an Art Biennale but we will have something to do during the empty streets of August.

In my opinion, and mine alone, I believe that Greece has yet a lot to give to modern art. There aren't many famous artists here in Greece, but there are some artisths known to the foreigners. Thanks to Biennale though we interact with people from all over the world, artists make connections and Art in general is promoted to us, the simple people of the city who don't know a lot about modern Art.

So did you know that our city is the host of two modern art museum and on Private Art institute? 

So would you like to join us?
Thanks for reading