We will do our Best!

Hello this is Lisa!

As you already know we are facing some political struggles here in Greece. 
Our Prime Minister has asked us if we should accept all the new orders from European Union or Not.
So the fate of Greece is in our hands. We still don't know what is the correct choice, but I trust that All Greeks whatever they choose they will do it thinking the general good and not their own good.

Truth is I am afraid that I might not like the results, but I am ready to accept whatever my people choose. People who love this country like me will stay here and fight and make this country a better place for Greeks again.

Yesterday I met a lot of touristis who where very understanding of the situation and they were very supportive and sympathetic. The Capital Control does not effect the tourisths and those who have foreign bank accounts or debit;/credit cards. On that matter please find bellow the press release of our goverment for those who travel to Greece.
We will do our Best!!

Τhe Ministry for Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism would like inform visitors to Greece that capital controls introduced by the Greek Government do not apply to those wishing to withdraw money from an ATM or carry out any other type of transactions using credit or debit cards issued abroad.

Moreover, the Ministry does not anticipate any disruptions in visitor’s every day holiday experience, neither in the islands nor in mainland Greece, as there are adequate fuel supplies, products and services.

Greece continues to guarantee the highest quality of tourism services to its visitors, who have ranked Greece as one of the best destinations worldwide. 

and the press release of our Partner Argo Travel Group
Argo Travel Group would like to provide you with what we believe are some necessary clarifications as to the current status of our Tourism industry operation, following the imposition of internal capital controls in Greece and a Bank Holiday from Monday, June the 29th until Monday, July the 6th. 

Please be so kind to note that the capital controls, introduced by the Greek Government, do not apply to those wishing to withdraw money from an ATM or carry out any other type of transactions using credit or debit cards issued abroad, from foreign institutions. In fact, these are targeted only to the Greek citizens and focus only on their cash transactions with banks, in such a way as to safeguard bank liquidity. T

here are no capital controls whatsoever for foreign citizens visiting Greece for business or for holidays. This means that all our foreign visitors currently in Greece as well as people planning to visit Greece will not be affected by the latest developments and they can enjoy their stay in Greece either in the islands or in Greek mainland, as there are adequate fuel supplies, products and services. At the same time they will have full use of the cash up to the daily limit of their credit and debit card, as set by their own banks in their home country. Last but not least, we, at Argo Travel Group, consistently offering the highest level of hospitality and guest satisfaction to our esteemed clientele, are ready and prepared to assist our guests with any tailor-made assistance they may require.

For your convenience, please find here below attached a press release published recently by the Deputy Minister of Tourism. Please feel free to forward this to all your customers visiting currently Greece as well as those planning to visit Greece in the nearest future.We remain at your disposal for any further clarifications you may require.