Let's Go to Meteora!!

Are you visiting Thessaloniki this weekend? Join us to our one day trip to Meteora!!

Sunday 29 of May One day trip / Full Day Excursion to Meteora!

Meteora is one of the places in the Earth that makes you realise that you actually live in a planet. You can actually feel the cosmic presence of the universe in front of this vast mass or rocks who stand tall in front of you. No wonder it was chosen my the Christian Orthodox Monks to occupy the rocks and built monasteries. 

foto from flickr by Danel Solabarrieta 

Meteora welcomes thousands of tourists every year, travellers who are curious about the monastic life, the Christian Herritage, guests who are interesting in the Geological character of the site and of course people who love Climbing. I was always impressed by how small a human looks attached to Meteora Rocks.

Meteora in Popular Culture

James Bond "For your eyes only" 1981 : This film of James Bond had a lot of filming locations in Greece. But the most eye catching are the ones filmed in Meteora with James Bond having action scenes inside the monasteries in the end of the film. More information you can find in this great article

Game of Thrones : While trying to bring J.R.R Martin's fantasy book in life, the producers of Game of Thrones Tv Series used Meteor as an inspiration for the Eyrie kingdom in Westeros. A city in the top of a rocky area just like Meteora. Since the Greek Government didn't allow the producers to film in the Area, the creators used CGI copies and used special effect to bring Meteora in Westeros.

"Meteora " Linkin Park: Well if you like rock music then you probably already know that the 2nd album of Linkin Park was named after the area. 

I am pretty sure I have missed out a lot of information writing this post...But my main point is
on Sunday we organise an One Day Trip to Meteora from Thessaloniki and Kalampaka.
An easy way to access Meteora and have a chance to mingle with the locals!

We live early on the 29th of May from Thessaloniki's centre!
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