Organised Daily Excursions from Thessaloniki

Whlie you are visiting Thessaloniki and you might want to explore a little bit more than just the city. Let my introduce you to our daily schedule of organised tours and excursions from Thessaloniki. 

One day Trips and Excursions from Thessaloniki to near destinations.

Summer 2016

Every Monday: Half Day Thessaloniki City tour & Archaeological Museum 
20 € per person / 10 € per child 
(approx. 30 km / estimated duration 09.30-14.30) 

White tower photo from Flickr by Leandro Neuman Ciufo
We start the week with a city tour. This guided tour in English and Italian language gives you a detailed introduction of our small city,. You will have the opportunity to cruise with our bus in the city where you will be able to to see the main landmarks of the city (White Tower,Ano Poli, the city walls), you will visit the church of Agios Demtrius and its crypt and the Archaeological museum. Our professional guide will give you a detailed analysis of the City's long history and will lead your path from ancient times to the modern days. This half day tour, includes transportation and guide. Entrance fees are not included, children up to 4 years old are free of charge. Children from 4 to 12 year old have a reduction as stated above. Tip: Don't be afraid to discover the flavours of the city, Thessaloniki is famous for its quality cuisine and its low prices. Our secret goal is to make you fall in love with our have been warned.
Entrance fees: 8 € per person for the Archaeological Museum.

Every Monday: One day trip from Thessaloniki to Magnificent Sithonia 40 € per person / 18 € per child (approx. 330 km / estim. Duration 08.00-18:30) 

 General Image from Chalkidiki
In the name of hospitality we have to sometimes reveal our well kept secrets, just like Sithonia peninsula. The second peninsula (leg as we call it) of Chalkidiki is a green forestry paradise surrounded by the crystal blue waters of the Northern Aegean sea. Our first stop would be in N. Marmaras, the most vivid village of Sithonia. There you will be having free time to walk around the small village and mingle with the locals. Throughout this trip you will see the coast of the peninsula and have the opportunity to take pictures of the spectacular view. The final stop will be in a stunning sandy beach. Here we will enjoy the sun and the sea, have fun on the beach and lunch in a beautiful tavern of the village. Early in the afternoon you will return full of knowledge and memories to Thessaloniki. Chalkidiki is popular for its beaches while the first leg Kassandra is a highly tourist area, Sithonia is a more eco-friendly developed and preserves the natural scenery of its past. But you will learn more as you tour with our English and Italian speaking guides. Transportation and guides are included children up to 4 years old are free of charge. Children from 4 to 12 year old have a reduction as stated above.
Don't forget your sunblocks please, Greek sun can be ruthless. Entrance fees not included. Tip: Take with you some of that famous Sithon Honey, one of the best of Greece and if you love olives then you are in the right place. Every Tuesday: One day trip to Meteora Monasteries from Thessaloniki 55 € per person / 28 € per child (approx. 490 km / estimated duration 07.30-18.30)
Photo from flickr by Danel Solabarrieta 
A highlight of your stay in Greece will be a visit to the Meteora Monasteries. Meteora is a geological miracle, which one should see for himself in order to believe. Nowadays, only six monasteries are well preserved and four of them are still inhabited. We shall visit 2 of these fabulous monasteries, built high upon the steep rocks. Each monastery owns a vast richness of frescoes and icons. Afterwards, we will make our lunch break in Kalambaka and then we return to the place of accommodation. IMPORTANT NOTICE: For entering the monasteries of Meteora, appropriate clothing is required. Ladies must not wear short skirts and must have long sleeves. Men are not allowed to wear shorts. Transportation and guides are included children up to 4 years old are free of charge. Children from 4 to 12 year old have a reduction as stated above.Tip:Taste the local Kontosouvli, it's like the Souvlaki...only bigger. In this excursion you will have to climb staircases in order to reach the top of the rocks under the sun, those who can't climb the stairs they can admire the view from below. For more information on you can visit our previous post. Entrance Fees: 3 € per person/ per monastery
Every Wednesday: Mount Athos Cruise - Stagira - Arnaia, full day excursion
50 € per person / 25 € per child 
(approx. 290 km / estimated duration 07.30-18.30)

We depart early in the morning for Stagira, the birthplace of the famous philosopher Aristotle. We continue to the charming village of Ouranoupoli in Chalkidiki and we shall embark for the cruise of Mount Athos peninsula, the third peninsula of Calkidiki. Mount Athos is the Autonomous Monastic State, Mounnt Athos or as we call it Agio Oros (holly mountain) is the oldest surviving monastic community in the world. It is not accessible by women and only men are aloud to travel and discover it's secret. So the next best thing is to admire the monasteries on board from the boat and enjoy a landscape of great natural beauty. Return to Ouranoupoli. Time at the disposal of the tourists for lunch and for a tour in the picturesque town. Our last stop is the traditional village of Arnea. Arnea is a traditional build mountain village of Chalkidiki. Boat tickets, transportation and guides are included children up to 4 years old are free of charge. Children from 4 to 12 year old have a reduction as stated above. Tip: Have lunch at the artistic restaurant of "Kritikos Gallery and restaurants" in Ouranoupolis, visit the glassed floor of the Metropolic church of Arnaia, the Textile and the folklore museum of Arnaia and have a zip of the local drink named "Moundovina" made by honey and honeycomb. Sunblock please
Every Thursday: Dion - Olympos Mountain 45 € per person / 23 per child (approx. 200 km / estimated duration 09.00-18.00)
In this excursion we depart from Thessaloniki to visit Dion, religious centre of the Ancient Macedonians dedicated to the worship of Olympian Zeus, situated at the footsteps of the famous Mount Olympus, the mythical home of the Gods. In Dion , Alexander the Great offered rich sacrifices to the Gods before leaving for his legendary expedition to Asia. You will have the opportunity to visit the archaeological site and the museum. You will continue by visiting the traditional village of Litochoro, where you will have free time for a tour of this picturesque village and for a walk in the valley of Enipeas, on the low slopes of the mountain. Transportation and guides are included children up to 4 years old are free of charge. Children from 4 to 12 year old have a reduction as stated above. Tip: You know what, I will not give you any tips for this time, I will let you discover the local tastes on your own
Entrance fees: 8 € per person Every Friday: Mount Athos Cruise (From Ormos Panagias in Sithonia) 50 € per person / 25 € per child (from Thessaloniki approx. 230 km / estim. duration 7.30-19.00)

We will start from Tessaloniki to travel to the smal harbour of Ormos Panagias, situated in N-E of Sithonia peninsula in Chalkidiki. From this seaport we will go on with our journey, sailing towards the south of the Athos Peninsula, until we reach the south limit, where the highest point is 2.033 m. From here we shall sail north, along the western coast. You will be able to see from close (from the boat), the mysterious and miraculous place which has been for centuries the center of Orthodoxy and you will find out new information about the history of Mount Athos and 8 of its monasteries. After approximately 4 hours we shall stop in Ouranoupolis, where you will have enough free time to discover this village, to take a walk, to shop or to have a traditional meal at one of the best taverns there. On our way back from Ouranoupolis, the boat will sail to the west, to Ormos Panagias and for 1 hour and a half you will watch a wonderful program with traditional dances and Greek music. The cruise will finish in Ormos Panagias, where your bus will be waiting to transfer you back to Thessaloniki. Bus and boat transportation are included children up to 4 years old are free of charge. Children from 4 to 12 year old have a reduction as stated above. Don't be discouraged by the lack of guide, the tour on board takes place in several languages so you will not miss out the important information of Mount Athos. Tip: As stated before have a lunch at the notorious Kritikos Taverna and don't forget the local honey and the olives. Sunblock please Every Saturday: Pella -Edessa - Vergina Full day excursion from Thessaloniki 45 € per person / 23 € per child (approx. 270 km / estimated duration 08.30-18.00) Entrance fees: 8 + 12 € per person
In this full day excursion we will visit the birthplace of Alexander the Great, the village of Pella and visit the archaeological site and the museum. The excavations have brought to light the interesting findings of the ancient city and the pavements decorated with the Macedonian mosaics of rare finesse, exhibited at the local museum. You will continue towards Edessa and stop for a visit of the park if the famous waterfalls. In Vergina, the ancient capital of the Macedonian Kingdom, where nowadays there is one of the most beautiful museums of Greece you will have free time for lunch. There you will visit the museum, which contains the royal tomb of King Phillip the 2nd, Alexander the Great’s father, the tomb of Alexander the Great' son, along with golden and other artefacts of an incredible beauty and value. Transportation and guides are included children up to 4 years old are free of charge. Children from 4 to 12 year old have a reduction as stated above.Tip: you can enter a small cave behind the waterfalls, don't miss that...have I told you about sunblocks?

Every Sunday: Amfipoli - Filipi - Kavala Full day excursion 50 € per person / 25 € per child (approx. 380 km / estimated duration 08.00-18.00)
The last few years the revelation of a Macedonian tomb have made Amfipoli famous all over the world. With the hope that the tomb of Alexander the Great was discovered the scientists and historians were anxiously waiting for the news. The ancient town of Amfipoli, an important centre during the ancient period due to its strategic position. After the visit of the archaeological site you will continue to Filippi, an important archaeological site and a city founded by King Phillip the 2nd of Macedonia. It was here, where Saint Paul founded his first Christian church in Europe. Filippi site has its own importance in the global history as there you can find ruins from the ancient Greece times, to the Roman times, to early Christian times and to Byzantium times all in one place. You will depart for Kavala, a city rich in history, situated in a pleasant natural environment. Built over the ruins of the previous Byzantine fortress and surrounded by well-preserved walls, Kavala is considered to be the ‘’access door’’ of Christianity in Western Europe because of the work of Apostle Paul early teaching in Kavala. Transportation and guides are included children up to 4 years old are free of charge. Children from 4 to 12 year old have a reduction as stated above. Tip: While in Kavala you can find the Luxurious Hotel Imaret. Imaret its an Ottoman empire building and the birth place of Muhammad Ali of Egypt, its land actually belongs to the government of Egypt, making it the only possession of an Arabic country in Europe. But don't worry thanks to the excellent relations between the two countries you don't need a passport to enter its grounds. All tours are escorted by professional English - Italian speaking guide, except of the Mount Athos Cruise on Fridays. All above excursion are also operated on private basis any day you wish. Rates upon request.

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