I love September!!

So you will probably already know that September is a great month to visit Greece, since you avoide the crowds of massive tourism and you can somewhat enjoy the real life of the country. But September is a rather busy month for Thessaloniki, so when you plan your journey to Thessaloniki don't be surprised if you can't find availabilities during the dates you want.

So let's take a look on what is going on on September in Thessaloniki.
Well...September started with the Balkan Festival of  the Municipality of Neapoli and a numerous live
concerts of Greek artists in the Suburb of Thermi.

The highlight of the year for the last 90 years for Thessaloniki is the International Thessaloniki Fair. Every September the most important exhibition of the year takes place in Thessaloniki' Exhibition Center.

"A timeless symbol and point of reference for Thessaloniki, North Greece and the entire country. An institution that has become synonymous with the cultural and economic history of Greece, with the course of Thessaloniki through time.  This year's 81st TIF, which will be held from 10 to 18 September, is a unique landmark for the national exhibition agency, as it coincides with the institution's 90th anniversaryThe most striking element of this year's Fair is its internationalisation, as major foreign markets are giving TIF their vote of confidence through their national participation.After four years, the institution of Guest of Honour is returning, with Russia dynamically playing this role and covering3,000 m2 of exhibition space with its enterprises. This is a particularly positive and 'loud' message for both TIF and our country, paving the way for strengthened financial ties between Greece and Russia. However, the international 'rainbow' includes many other major participants, such as Turkey and South Korea."
 quoting from the official site that you can find here.  So during those dates we welcome a big number of visitors from other cities in Greece and of course from outboard.  Every year in the opening ceremony the prime minister along with the ministers visits our city to announce the economic measures that will follow the next season.. So during your visit between 10 to 18th of September expect big number of visitors in the city, streets and restaurants full of smiling guests and of course..(do I really have to say that?)...demonstrations. :) You see this is the only time the prime minister visits...demonstrators and labour unions gather from all over Northern Greece. But don't worry, the city is always safe for visitors.

At the same time,  on the 14th of September Reworks International Music festival will also take place in Thessaloniki.
"Reworks, the sun-filled music gathering which takes place in Thessaloniki, Greece every September, is happy to announce the first wave of acts for its 12th edition.  Despite the economic crisis, which still after 6 years still remains in Greece, Reworks expands once again and for the first time  it will last for 5 days. Also a new chapter begins for Reworks. Reworks Agora a platform of new ideas and projects will open its doors on September 14th with discussion panels, workshops and key note speaking sessions alongside performances. An eclectic mix of 70 acts will perform on 12 music rooms from the 16th -18th of September.  On the first wave of acts announcement, Reworks this year is excited to welcome back to the city Solomun, Ben Klock, Mano Le Tough, Agoria, Michael Mayer, Anja Schneider, KiNK who will all return to Thessaloniki alongside an exciting line up of acts which will be presented for the first time in Thessaloniki with acts such as Jamie Woon, GusGus, WhoMadeWho, Kiasmos and Kobosil. The Hellenic scene will also be presented vastly with Ison/Actor One, Larry Gus, And.id, Tendts, to be a small but indicative taste on what is going to follow."
 Quoting from the official site of Reworks.

Our city from the depths of time (Can I use such a pompous expression?) was a dance and music centre. People where poor but they always found ways to have fun. Effected by the many visitors and refugees who defined modern Thessaloniki, this city was more open to new genres of music, thus the Reworks festival and of course the Hip Hop Festival takes place here on the north of Greece.

September also means the return of the Erasmus Season!!! Our Students here in Greece set the example of hospitality and welcome the Erasmus Students with several events.Did you know that we have two universities in Thessaloniki? Visit Erasmus page for University of Macedonia and for Aristotle University Yes, Thessaloniki is a great city to send your kids for an exchange student program. A youthful and safe city and you can always make a surprise visit thanks to the direct flights to our airport...

September will end and October will be quite with an exception of the dates 26 to 30 October 2016 where we will welcome visitor from all over Greece thanks to the bank holiday of 26 and 28 of October. This is actually a good weekend to visit Thessaloniki. November will follow, November is the month when everything is about films and the Thessaloniki International Film Festival (TIFF just like Toronto).

Don't get me wrong I really love Thessaloniki, but allow me to love her more during the fall.
Let's play together this fall in Thessaloniki!!
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