Christmas eve in Thessaloniki

Well it's official here both winter and the holidays. Last year I made also a post about what to do in December in Thessaloniki, you can find it by clicking here, and I would like to talk again about something that I have written two years ago, you can read it by clicking here.

Outside Kapani Area during Christma Eve

Only two days left untill Christmas, tomorrow is the best day to be in the centre of Thessaloniki, as I have mentioned before, the city that day transforms to a big street party. As in my previous post I will insist in visiting Kapani area (Vas.Irakliou str) and it's impromptu Balkan Street festival. Inside Kapani meat market, there are gathered many small tavernas with a long history in city's life. I worn you, balkan music is not for everyone

Inside Kapani in Vomvidia

Dress warmly and taste the famous Soutzoukaki from Vomvidia, or the popular souvlaki that you will find in the streets. Drink of the day will be retsina, ouzo and of course Tsipouro. Tsipouro is like ouzo but for those who don't know very well the flavours of Greece, I have to warn them cause Tsipouro is stronger. Perfect for the cold weather tho. Few meters away in the flower market, the shops of that area serve warm red wine.

I would like also to suggest visiting Ble Bakery, one of my favourite place in the city, Ble Bakery flag store can be found in Aya Sofia street. There you can enjoy a warm red wine, a nice blended coffee and of course the sweat pastry flavours of the city. Traditionally we eat Tsoureki during holidays. Should you wan a more oriental flavour, the famous patisserie chain "Mado" from Turkey has openes its first shop in Thessaloniki. Located in Venizelou str right across the Eleftherias Square you will find the smallest shop of the chain, serving sugary flavours from Turkey. 

You can actually see Lena in this photo

Right Across Mado, there is the Ladadika area the are is a well known restaurant and bar are, usually the are is not so noisy, but still all the restaurants and Taverna's are full. There you can find Zithos restaurant a well known restaurant of the city and Lena's Bistro my coffee place of choice. I can always trust Lena the multilingual owner to provide the best for my guests. Like me Lena has spend her life working in tourism industry and we share the same opinions on how we should provide great experiences to our guests.

Also in Ladadika in Oplopiou str right across Bistro Hotel Capsis you will find Omikron. This is were I go when I want to have great food, Harris the owner has travelled the world before choosing Thessaloniki as his new home. I like his philosophy in life, in cooking and I am proud to say that I go to that small restaurant since the first day....I think he will hate me for promoting his place, but I can't help it, everyone visiting Thessaloniki should at least eat there once. 

Where will I be tomorrow? You will find me right after work browsing between Urban in Zefxidos where they will be having  a street party, I will definitely go greet my friends working in Ble and then hopefully I will end my evening with Harris in Omikron. As for Christmas day I think I might go to Dubliner for brunch or even to Lena's Bistro for breakfast...will see 

Whatever you do while your stay in Thessaloniki
I wish you the very best, have fun and
Thank you for visiting!!
Happy Holidays!!!