Mount Athos Day Trip From Thessaloniki

Today is the first day of the Mount Athos Cruise Day trips!!  With Easter coming this weekend  we commence the Summer Holiday Season in Northern Greece!!!

If you find me overexcited is because this day marks the beginning of  our Day trips to Mount Athos!!
I have mentioned that Mount Athos cruise in a previous post regarding the one day excursions from Thessaloniki but this time I would like to give more details. 

Mount Athos Cruise Full Day trip from Thessaloniki 
 April - October 2017
Every Wednesday 
Every Saturday 

So starting from today, every Wendesday we organise day trips and cruise to Mount Athos from the centre of  Thessaloniki. So what you need to know...

Mount Athos is located in Chalkidiki, the three leg peninsula east of  Thessaloniki. Chalkidiki is a summer destination for the people of  Thessaloniki and for a large number of tourists. It's third leg Mount Athos is an Autonomous Monastic State, Mounnt Athos or as we call Ayio Oros (holly mountain) is the oldest surviving monastic community in the world. It is not accessible to women and only men are permitted to travel and "discover the secrets of the monastic life.

Since we can not actually visit Mount Athos, we offer a cruise in the shores of Mount Athos where there a visitor can see the Magestic Monasteries of the area. To start our Day Trip to Mount Athos We meet early in the morning in the centre of  Thessaloniki (07:00) and we travel to Ormos Panagias located in the North Easte side of Sithonia Peninsula in Chalkidiki.   
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From there we will board the boat to Athos Peninsula. we will go on with our journey, sailing towards the south of the Athos Peninsula, until we reach the south limit, where the highest point is 2.033 m. then we shall sail north, along the western coast.  The most impressive it is said to be the  Saint Panteleimon Monastery, It is often referred to as "Russian" and does have historical and liturgical ties to the Russian Orthodox Church; nevertheless, like all the other monastic settlements on Mount Athos, the monastery is under the direct ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. The monastery was founded by several monks from Kievan Rus in the 11th century, which is why it is known as "Rossikon". It has been inhabited by mainly Russian monks in certain periods of its history. It was recognized as a separate monastery in 1169. Along the coast guests will be able to see Dionysiou Monastery, Osiou Gregoriou Monastery and Xenophontos Monastery among others. Don't get swayed by the view, pay attention to the guide who will  give information information  about the history of  Mount Athos and 8 of its monasteries. 

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 The traditional Athonian Architecture will impress you and it might remind you stories from medieval times, I could say this day trip will make you want to read Umberto Eco's "The Name of the Rose". But don't worry, this will not be a "dark" medieval excursion, this one is bright as the Greek sun. After sailing we stop in Ouranoupoli, where there will have enough free time to discover the village, to take a walk, to shop or to have a traditional meal in one of the taverns there. On our way, back from Ouranoupoli, the boat will sail to the west, to Ormos Panagias and for 1 hour and a half  there will be a  wonderful animation program with traditional dances and Greek music for us to participate.

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Our return to Thessaloniki will be at the evening, right on time to have a dinner and maybe a drink to one of the busy bars of  the city.

Athos Cruise Day trip from Thessaloniki is one of the things and I highly suggest to guests with long stay and have one time to spare. Athos Cruise and the Day trip to Meteora is a must Do while visiting Northern Greece. 

Mount Athos Cruise Day Trip from Thessaloniki 
Every Wendesday & Sunday 
aprox 230  km / Duration 07:00 - 18:30 /Full Day Excursion
Book with us at / 0030 2310720566 
Participation: 55 € per person / 28 € per child aged 4 to 12 years 
children aged 0- 4 years old travel for free  

You can now download our Full list of Day Trips from Thessaloniki
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