Thessaloniki City Tour

Thessaloniki/ Salonika/ Selanik as every ancient city come with many names and many faces. When the locals talk about their city, they refer to her as if she is a woman. A mysterious seductive woman, a kind mother and a great sister.

Harbour Promenade Photo by limagiraphe in Flickr

Thessaloniki is a proud city, established 315 BC by Cassander of Macedonia, it has been a home for  different cultures through its long history. Part of the Ancient Macedonian Kingdom, part of the Roman Empire, co- capital of the Byzantium and part of Ottoman Empire. In 1912 Thessaloniki was liberated and became part of the Hellenic Republic. Few years later Thessaloniki became the home of the Macedonian Front of World War I, also known as the Salonica Front (after Thessaloniki), was formed as a result of an attempt by the Allied Powers to aid Serbia, in fall 1915, against the combined attack of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria.

Harbour Photo by limagiraphe in Flickr

In 1922 once more Thessaloniki welcomed refugees, this time  from Asia Minor and the survivors the Greek Pontic Genocide. The end of the World War II found the city open wounded, as the Sephardic Jew community suffered great loses during the war and the atrocities of the Nazi army against the Jewish people. After the war and until 1949 the civil war of Greece divided the people of the city. What we know now as Thessaloniki started from the 50's where the city has continue to grow, to welcome cultures and to embrace new civilizations. The last few years Thessaloniki is getting popular among the travellers, as a weekend destination, as a safe home for hundreds of foreign students and as a centre of the Balkans.

With this long introduction, I would like to point out that, although Thessaloniki is a boutique city that can be explored in one day, has also elaborate historic background that needs a deeper research. Understanding the city's history you can understand why the city today is like that, why the people of this city are so different from the rest of the country and why the flavours of the area are the best in Greece (this is a true, and total unbiased opinion of mine...o.k maybe a little biased) . So join us every Tuesday for a Half Day City tour with a Professional Guide  and let's discover together and with your comfort the history of Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki City Tour  Half Day Trip / Every Tuesday  Duration 09:30 - 14:30 

White Tower from James Dennes in Flickr
Meet us at the pickup point near to your hotel and begin the sightseeing tour of Thessaloniki. You will have the opportunity to comfortable see the White Tower and bhe main landmarks of the city, such as the Galerius Arch, the Rotonda monument, the Old Town (Ano Poli) and the City Walls, where you will be able to admire the marvellous view of Thessaloniki! We will visit the Agios Demetrius Byzantine church and its crypt, and you will also have the opportunity to visit the Archaeological Museum. Return to your hotel’s nearest drop off point.

Thessaloniki City Tour / Half Day Trip with Proffesional Guide
Every Tuesday 
aprox 30 km / Duration 09:30 - 14:30 / Half Day Tour
Book with us at / +30 2310720566
Particiption: 20 € per person / 10 € per child aged 4 to 12yrs 
Entrance fees 8  € 
Children aged 0 - 4 years old travel for free